Song Seung Hun, Yun Jung Hoon, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Hye, and Lee Yun Hee will lead the MBC drama “East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)”

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6/4/08 – Song Seung Hun, Yun Jung Hoon, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Hye, and Lee Yun Hee will lead the 50-episode Monday-Tuesday drama "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)" scheduled to be aired by MBC in August, following the final episode of "Every Night".



East of Eden



This drama portrays the destiny and revenge of two men who were born at the same time and on the same day in the same hospital located in a coal mine village.  The time frame is between 1960 and 2000. 



YJH plays the prosecutor Dong Wook (동욱) whose fate has been reversed.  SSH plays the role Dong Chul (동철).  LDH plays the role Hye Rin (혜린) who is very ambitious to become the successor of a news agency. Hye Rin, Dong Chul, and Dong Wook form triangle love relationships. 



Han Ji Hye Plays the role Ji Hyun (지현) who is the first love of three men Dong Chul, Dong Wook and Myung Hoon (명훈) played by actor Park Hae Jin (박해진).



Lee Yun Hee (이연희) plays the role Gook Young Ran (국영란) who is the daughter of a casino owner and has positive personality.


The PD is Kim Jin Man (김진만) whose previous drama was "Really Really Like You", and the script writer is Na Yun Sook (나연숙).  The production cost is around 25 billion Won.  The filming sites include Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Macau.

East of Eden