Miss Gold Digger [용의주도 미스 신]

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Han Ye-Seul, Lee Jong-Hyeok(b), Kwon Oh-Jung, Kim In-Kwon, Son Ho-Young
Directed by:
Park Yong-Jip
Written by:
Park Eun-Young
Romance, Comedy
South Korea
108 mins


Actress Han Ye-seul offers advice on how to “shop” for men in her screen debut. In her polygamous romantic relationships, she adopts different personas for each boyfriend, from being a prim and proper lady for her JFK-like boyfriend to a sexy party girl for a young rapper. But when her shopping spree starts to get tangled, the men show their true side when they discover that they have been manipulated.



Outrageously fun!

What seemed like your typical run of the mill type of movie like so many before, (Seducing Mr. Perfect, The Art of Seduction) “Miss Gold Digger” (aka Miss Shin) turns out to be much much more than that. At first glance the movie is deceptively typical. Single, outrageously attractive, mid-20’s something, Mi-Su (Han Ye-seul)is beginning to feel the pressures of not being in a relationship. She dismisses these pangs of doubt quickly enough and whole heartedly dives into the character known by most as “the gold digger”. She tries hard to convince herself that money, influence, and power are far better and more important than any four letter word that starts with a “L” and ends with an “e”. As Mi-Su becomes embroiled in a multi-man relationship, she begins to understand just how shallow the waters of a gold digger can become.

Ironically enough this film seems written around Han Ye-seul who makes her screen debut. A California kyopo, she must certainly understand the underlying tone of this movie having probably experienced it herself. The movie also seems to touch on the social issues that are deeply rooted in the Korean female society – which is to find a man that is wealthy and successful over that of your own feelings. The healthy industry of social matchmaking companies, and the competative education programs that cater to math, science, law, or medical certainly seem to point that out well enough.

The movie itself was very entertaining much more than i thought, and more than a few times did i burst out in laughter. Some of the situations are just simply rediculous, and the end story quite predictable, however this movie is definitely worth seeing, (even better with your girlfriend) and if nothing else it can provide some good laughs. Films that follow this general type of storyline are a dime a dozen, but “Miss Gold Digger” certainly outshines most of them.

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