Jang Hyuk, Kim Min Joon, Han Yeh Seul, and Kang Sung Yun lead the SBS drama “Tazza (타짜, 老千)”

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8/5/08 — Jang Hyuk, Kim Min Joon, Han Yeh Seul, and Kang Sung Yun (장혁, 김민준) will lead the 20-episode Monday-Tuesday drama "Tazza (타짜, 老千)" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 9/8, following the final episode of "The Grand Chef". 



This drama is adapted from Huh Young Man (허영만)’s comics "Tazza" which was made into the film "The War of Flower" starring Jo Seung Woo and Kim Yoon Suk in 2006 attracting 6.8 million moviegoers. 

Jang Hyuk plays the role Goni (고니) who is a passionate and reckless young man putting money in the first place and falling into the world of gambling.  Kim Min Joon plays the villain role Young Min (영민) who is handsome and agile but with bitter fists.  Goni and Young Min were friends in their childhood but they become enemies after they grow up. 

Han Yeh Seul play the role Gwang Sook (광숙) who is Goni’s lover.  This role was not in the movie "The War of Flower".  Kang Sung Yun plays the role ‘Madam Jung (정마담)’ who confronts and challenges ‘Tazza’ Ah Gwi and makes Goni to fall in the mire.  Madam Jung does not trust men and her highest goal in life is money and power. 

The PD is Kang Shin Hyo (강신효) whose previous works were "To Marry a Millionaire (백만장와 결혼하기, 2005)"  and "Lover (연인이여, 2007)’.  The script writers are Kang Eun Jung and Sul Joon Suk (강은정, 설준석) who wrote for the drama "Bad Housewife (2005)". 

The representative of the production company "Olive 9" states, "Of course, we will be faithful to the original book of ‘Tazza’.  However, we will put in additional new characters to portray the vivid life of Tazza."


Actor Kim Kap Soo (김갑수) plays Young Min’s uncle Ah Gwi (아귀) and actor Son Hyun Joo (손현주) plays the role Go Gwang Ryul (고광렬). 

Jang Hyuk recently visited Japan and returned to Korea on 5/14.  His new projects include the movie "Searching Elephants (코끼리를 찾아서)" and the Hollywood movie ‘Dance of Dragon (댄스 오브 드래곤)".  






Kang Sung Yun

Kang Sung YUn


Kim Kap Soo

Kim Kap Soo 

 Son Hyun Joo

Son Hyun Joo