Moon So Ri, Lee Jong Won, Lee So Yun, and Jin Yi Han lead the MBC drama “The Golden Age of My Life (내 인생의 황금기)”

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8/30/08 – Moon So Ri, Lee Jong Won, Lee So Yun, and Jin Yi Han (문소리, 이종원, 이소연, 진이한) lead the weekend drama "The Golden Age of My Life ( 인생의 황금기)" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 8/30.


The Golden Age of My Life



The words "황금기" in this drama’s title is the combination of the first name of three siblings – Lee Hwang (이황), Lee Geum (이금), and Lee Gi (이기).  The storylines cover the conflicts and harmony of a family, love and marriage, divorce and unemployment, as well as hope and courage.


Moon So Ri plays the role Lee Hwang who is a divorced woman working as a designer of all sorts of glamorous clothes.  Her latest projects was the drama "Four Legends of the Great King" and the movie "Forever the Moment". 

Lee So Yun plays the role Lee Geum who is natural and optimistic and is an avid coach of track and field in high school.  Jin Yi Han (진이한) plays the younger brother Lee Gi. 

Shin Sung Rok plays the role Go Gyung Woo (고경우) who is arrogant and selfish. He is Lee Geum’s partner in this drama.  SSR’s latest drama was "3 Dads 1 Mom". 

Actress Lee Tae Im (이태임) plays the role Yoo Tae Young (유태영) who is reckless, stubborn, and childish and would like people to treat her like a princess.  

Shin Sung Rok

Shin Sung Rok   

Lee So Yun

Lee So Yun   

Lee Tae Im

Lee Tae Im  The Golden Age of My Life  The Golden Age of My Life