Kim Joo Hyuk and Han Hye Jin lead the SBS drama “Terroir (떼루아)”

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11/9/08 — Kim Joo Hyuk and Han Hye Jin (김주혁, 한혜진) will lead the Monday-Tuesday drama "Terroir (떼루아)" scheduled to be aired by SBS on 12/1, following the final episode of "Tazza".





This drama portrays the conflict and reconciliation between people involved in traditional and French wine productions with Terroir restaurant and wine bar as the background.  The production team of this drama has spent 2 years to pre-plan this drama with contents and quality of a masterpiece, and the production cost is round 6 billion Won.


Han Hye Jin play the role Lee Woo Joo (이우주) who has learned the completely traditional ways of producing wine from her grandfather since her childhood.  She meets the cold-hearted wine master Kang Tae Min (강태민, played by Kim Joo Hyuk) and then develops love relationship with him.


The script writer is Hwang Sung Goo (황성구) who wrote for the movie "Sad Movie".  The PD is Kim Young Min (김영민) whose latest drama was "Hit".  The filming crew is from the team of "The Four Legends of the Great King".

Supporting cast includes Yoo Sun, Kim Nam Kil, and Jun Soo Kyung (유선, 김남길, 전수경).