Se7en Debuts His First U.S. Single, Featuring Lil Kim!

2009-03-11 01:31:30 2010-11-24 11:11:21

It’s finally here! Se7en’s debut US single, Girls, has been released to the US market – available on Amazon

and iTunes. For this album, Se7en was looking a universal theme and was drawn to the idea of love and relationships. (Ladies, does that means he’s got love on his mind?) This single was produced by Rodney Jenkins, a Grammy winning producer who has worked with Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Britney Spears – a perfect fit since Michael Jackson is one of Se7en’s favorite artists.  And, to add more spice to the track, Se7en teamed up with Lil Kim who is always guaranteed to make a splash.

Se7en has told that his goal is to get internet and download numbers high enough that the US takes notice of our Korean star, so let’s help him out and purchase his song – its only $0.99!!!!

Purchase Girls from Amazon

or iTunes <3