Jang Ja Yun’s Manager Speaks Out

2009-03-14 15:56:24 2010-11-24 11:11:22


Recently deceased Boys Over Flowers actress Jang Ja Yun past and possible reasons for her suicide are beginning to surface.

First it was reported that she died of depression and there were even reports saying that her manager stated she was murdered, well, that might be true… to some extent.

It has now been exposed that the up and coming actress was beaten and
forced to sleep with the Production Director (PD). Her manager is now
revealing the gruesome first hand accounts of the suffering and assaults against her, despite her family not wanting this information to be leaked. Jang Ja Yun hand wrote documents listing her tragedies. Before her death, she asked her manager to expose the person responsible for her attacks. She told him she didn’t want her family to think she died of just depression but from something far worse.

The manager has yet to reveal more specifics regarding the documents but he did state the contents to be very shocking and disturbing. He only said so far that there were incidents at room saloons and bars, and being forced to sleep with the Dirty Ass PD. Other abuse include being physically beaten with water bottles and receiving threatening text messages. All this abuse took place in the past year and even just a week before she committed suicide, she went to the head of her company to ask for help from the harassment. But she was beaten and told to just endure it.

She confessed in her letters that she was forced to do the dirty deeds,
because she had no money and was emotionally weak. Jang Ja Yun’s manager made a public statement that although exposing her truth to the police and media is going against her family’s wishes, he wants to see the person pay / punished for her death.

The manager is cooperating with police to bring the PD in question to justice. Currently, the PD is in Japan (wonder what he’s up to?)….how convenient.

It’s been reported that the manager has tried to commit suicide also after revealing this statement and is currently hospitalized. He tried to commit suicide to avoid any backlash from exposing the truth about
Jang Ja Yun.