Son Hyun Joo, Lee Bil Mo, Han Sang Jin, and Ji Chang Wook lead the KBS2 drama “Sons of Sol Family Pharmacy (솔약국집 아들들)”

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4/8/09 — Son Hyun Joo, Lee Bil Mo, Han Sang Jin, and Ji Chang Wook will lead the weekend drama “Sons of Sol Family Pharmacy (솔약국집 아들들)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 4/11, following the final episode of “My Beloved Gem”.


Sons of Sol Family Pharmacy


This family drama portrays the love stories of 4 unmarried sons of a family. The family is referred a “Sol Family Pharmacy (솔약국집)” located at Hyehwa Dong (혜화동) of Seoul.  The warm-hearted storylines are filled with laughter and tears.


Son Hyun Joo (손현주) plays the eldest son who has pure soul.  At the age of 38 years old, he still couldn’t forget his first love.  Actress Park Sun Young plays the partner of Son Hyun Joo’s role.


Lee Bil Mo plays the second son Song Dae Bong (송대풍).  Actress Yoo Sun plays Dae Bong’s partner Kim Bok Shil (김복실).  Bok Shil is an ordinary woman working as a nurse in pediatrics.  She and Dae Bong develop sweet love relationship although her sentiment was hurt before.


Han Sang Jin (한상진) plays the third son Song Sun Bong (송선풍) who works as a reporter for a TV station.  Due to his unattractive appearance, he couldn’t have love and marriage that he dreams of.  Actress Yoo Ha Na (유하나) plays Sun Bong’s partner in this drama.


New actor Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) plays the youngest son Song Mi Bong (송미풍), a typical cute youngest child.  He has women’s hobby includes cross-stitching and knitting although he tries his best to act manly.  JCW was born in 1987 and is currently a student in Dankook University.


Actress Kang Eun Pi (강은비) plays Mi Bong’s lover who is an unmarried mother.


Yoon Mi Ra (윤미라) plays these 4 sons’ mother who has been an ordinary housewife since she was 20 years old.  She likes poems and has tastes like those young ladies have.


Park Sun Young, Son Hyun Joo


Yoo Sun, Lee Bil Mo


Yoo Ha Na, Han Sang Jin


Ji Chang Wook, Kang  Eun Pi


Yoon Mi Ra
Yoon Mi Ra


Bae Il Sup (백일섭)
Bae Il Sup


Byun Hee Bong (변희봉)
Byun Hee Bong


Kim Yong Gun (김용건)
Kim Yong Gun