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Name: Lee Eun-mee
Year of birth: 1966
Height: 170
Hobbies: Swimming, listening to music, going to concerts
Nickname: Barefooted diva
Established a concert promoting firm 10+ in 2003
Published “Meeting Poems Barefooted,” a collection of photos and poems, in 2007

Lee Eun-mee is the Soompi artiste of the week. She has been nicknamed the "barefooted diva" because she sings without wearing any shoes. She also sings live for every performance and does not tolerate with lip synching. This is to prove her passion for her singing.

Earlier this year, Lee Eun Mi’s old song "I Had A Lover" became popular once again, prompting the veteran singer to release a new mini-album with this current hit. After her remake album in 2007, she returns with a mini album “Walking Atop the Sound”. This is a tribute to her fans who have been with her all this time in her 20-year career.


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* Neglect (1st album, 1992) : Neglect, Into the Memories, Absorbed in memories, Love is Our Strength, etc.

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* Some Longing (2nd album, 1994-06) : Some Longing, Blue Filter, Faded Memories, This Song for You, etc.

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* Freeman (3rd album, 1997) : I Will Understand, Goodbye, I Want to Go to You, Thank You, Freeman, etc.

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* Beyond Face (4th album, 1999-01) : Prologue, There Is No Secret, The World You Knew, Déjà vu, etc.

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* Nostalgia (2000-01) : Love Is Like Glass, Thorn Tree, A Face I Miss, Goodbye My Love, etc.

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* Noblesse (5th album, 2001-07-02) : Sunflower, Festival, Promise, Gossip, Death of a Dream, Road, etc.

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* Ma Non Tanto (6th album, 2005-11-07) : I Have a Lover, Pin, When Love Passes, Looking Back, Miss Hide, etc.

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* Twelve Songs (2007) : Remake

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* Walking Atop the Sound (mini album, 2009-03-10) : Time & Life, In the Middle of Parting, Flower, Old Memories, etc.

Watch : 헤어지는 중입니다 (In The Middle Of Breaking Up) [Performance]

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