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Name : Outsider
Real Name: Shin Ok Chul
Date of birth : 21st March 1983
Height : 170cm
Weight : 60kg
Talents : Composition, soccer, taekwondo
Education : Induk Institute of Technology, Seoul
Label : Sniper Sound


For our featured artist this week, we have fast rising hip-hop sensation Outsider. He has been known as the fastest rapper in the world – saying up to 17 syllables in one second. Despite his background as an underground musician, his unique style of rapping has given him attention from music critics. Prior to the release of his 2nd album, he is one of the best kept secrets among talented hip-hop artistes.

Outsider has been a rapper in underground for 8 years and has been featured in many singers songs like MC Sniper, which is why his music has some influences from MC Sniper.

With his second album that been released this year, Outsider become the first non-mainstream artist that have been in No. 1 position in various music chart with the song ‘Alone’, topping the competition against many well known singers. He is actively promoting this song on music shows. Mainstream k-pop fans are pleasantly surprised to discover his amazing talent and his album has recorded very solid sales figure.

Outsider has become a great story in k-pop this year, and his success may have open up the channel for more talented underground musicians to surface and perform to mainstream fans.


* Come Outside (EP, 2004-01-06) : Come Outside, Letter, In the Night, Since 1983, Only the Microphone, etc.

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* Speed Star (single, 2006-02-28) : Motivation, Music Makes Me High, Unsigned Hype, etc.

* Soliloquist (1st album,2007-10-25) : Innovation, One Way, Mr. Liar, Like a Man, Hyper Soar, Perfect Love, etc.

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* Maestro (2nd album, 2009-06-01) : Zero to Hero, City Hunter, Loner, Bleeding Luv, Therapist, etc.

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