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Tiger JK
Real name : Suh Jeong-kwon
Date of birth : June 11th, 1974
Education : UCLA
Physique : 180cm, 65kg
Hobby : Collecting music albums
Blood type : O
Talent : Taekwondo
Favorite sport : Basketball
Favorite color : Blue

Former Members:
DJ Shine, DJ James Jhig

This week, we featured Korean hip hop icon, Drunken Tiger. He first
appeared on the local pop music scene with a song of rather an
aggressive title “Do you know what hip hop is?” The two members of the
group, Tiger JK and DJ Shine first met each other at a hip hop festival
that took place in the U.S. in 1991. Before meeting each other, the two had been
performing as hip hop musicians on the opposite parts of the U.S., one
in the western coast and the other in the eastern coast.

The two Korean-Americans became close as they both had
great passion towards hip hop music. After creating a team, they made their names known by appearing on the stages of hip
hop festivals held by KFPK-FM in Los Angeles. Then, they visited
Korea during their vacation and had the chance to perform before Korean
audience on a small stage in Seoul. DJ Jhig, Micki Eyez, and
Roscoe Umali are also considered members of Drunken Tiger, although it
was mainly Tiger JK and DJ Shine performing live shows.

album producer showed great interest in the two hip hop musicians from
LA and proposed to release an album, which would become the debut album of
Drunken Tiger released in 1999. With just one CD, the Korean-American
hip hop musicians refreshingly shocked the K-pop world. To the local
hip hop musicians who had put more emphasis in the dance beats and
synchronized choreography, Drunken Tiger’s music was live, energetic
and yet very natural.

Rapping was like talking and dancing needed no
choreography. For Drunken Tiger, hip hop is a way of life, just like
breathing and eating. Drunken Tiger has become a pronoun of Korean hip hop music and
now is working to spread their energy to other markets like Japan,
China and Taiwan. Tiger JK married T in 2008 secretly and the couple had their first child, a baby boy named Jordan.

Shine made a digital single comeback in May, and now Tiger JK is also
back with Drunken Tiger’s much awaited eighth album. Arriving two years
after the last Drunken Tiger release, feel ghood muzik: the 8th wonder
comes with double the music for Korean hip-hop fans. Sticking to his
guns in an era of dispensable pop, Tiger JK drops a whopping 27 new
tracks on his latest two-disc release. Disc 1, titled “Feel Good Side”,
offers a more mainstream hip-hop sound while Disc 2, titled “Feel Hood
Side”, packs hardcore rhymes from the hip-hop guru.

Tiger JK worked
with many guest artists for the album including wife t, Dynamic Duo,
Bizzy, DOK2, YDG, and Palo Alto.  Recently, Tiger JK and T also teamed
up with Yoo Jae Suk on a song competition from MBC’s variety show
“Infinity Challenge”.  The trio’s song “Let’s Dance” won the
competition and become a big hit.

* Year of the Tiger (1st album, 1999) : Do You Know What Hip Hop Is?, Party People, Return of Tiger, Sweet Talk

* The Great Birth (2nd album, 2000) : The Movement, Drunken Symphony, Umalis Bar

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* The Legend Of (3rd album, 2001) : G Fresh, Good Life, Frustration, Knock Out Kings, Drunken Dungeon

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* Foundation (4th album, 2003) : Foundation, Fist Of Fury, Can’t Act, Rhyme Sharks

* One Is Not A Lonely Word (5th album, 2004) : Liquor Shots, One Is Not A Lonely Word, Once Upon A Time

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* 1945 Liberation (6th album, 2005) : “음주Rapping(취중푸념)”, “죽지 않는 영혼 (Found You)”, “소외된 모두, 왼발을 한 보 앞으로!”, “진정한 美는 마음 안에”, “심의에 안 걸리는 사랑노래”, “손들어! (Here!)”, “60 Percenta Zen”

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* Conditions of Happiness (Digital single, 2006)

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* Sky Is The Limit (7th album, 2007) : Sky Is The Limit, Me in the TV, Drunkard, Death Of A Salesman, Hollyhood, Die Legend, Jam Skhool(U Need To Learn Tho), 8:45 Heaven, Blessed Morning News, Tiger JK Says  

* Feel Ghood Muzik : the 8th wonder (8th album, 2009) :

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