After School To Come Back With Two New Members!

2009-11-17 22:17:28 2010-11-24 11:33:08


After news went out that member So Young has “graduated”, After School’s comeback concept photo reveals 2 new ‘freshmen’ enrolled onto the team!

Joining the original team of Gahee, Bekah, Jungah, Joo Yeon, and UEE, the two new members will comprise a new seven-member team.

From left to right: Bekah, Jungah, UEE, Joo Yeon, ?, ?, Gahee

According to DCInside, rumors have it that the two new members are:

Name: Nana (left, light-colored hair)
Real name: Im Jin Ah (임진아)
Birth Year: 1991
Still in high school, is a model, to be another rapper

Name: Reina 레이나 (right, short hair)
(Romanized name not confirmed)
Birth Year: 1989
To be the second main vocalist together with Jungah

Credit: dcinside,

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