TaeYang’s "Wedding Dress" Gets #3 Spot On Dutch Music Chart.

2009-12-01 21:36:05 2010-11-24 11:36:10


Much attention has been focused on TaeYang for going up to the top rankings on one of the music charts in the Netherlands.

TaeYang’s latest hit ‘Wedding Dress’ is up on the
top 10 rankings for 2 weeks on a radio broadcast company Fun X’s X Tip
charts in the Netherlands. It was up at the #9 spot for last week
(20th-26th November) and for this week it is at #3.

X Tip chart takes in account of play hits, netizens’ poll and video
play hits by fans on its radio. And the song has received a rating of 5
stars by 970 netizens.

Netizens’ responses to this was, “He is also popular overseas.
TaeYang gets 5 stars on his own!”, “I am very curious how TaeYang got
so high up the charts”, “It seems people just recognize good music no
matter if you are from the East or the West.”