Dong Bang Shin Ki #3 On Oricon Annual Rankings

2009-12-20 03:04:58 2010-11-24 11:41:18


Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki is the #3 top selling artists in Japan, being amongst the popular domestic groups there.

According to Oricon on December 18, Dong Bang Shin Ki is ranked #3 after Arashi and EXILE for “2009 Oricon Annual Ranking” in terms of singles, albums and DVD sales. At #4 and #5 are rock group B’z and The Beatles.

Arashi has sold over 14.46billion yen worth of singles and albums, while EXILE has sold over 12.93 billion yen worth in year 2009. At #3, Dong Bang Shin Ki has sold over 6.89 billion yen (or in KRW 90.3billion) worth of album and singles in the past 1 year.


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