MBC Drama "Women Who Still Want to Get Married"

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1/7/10 – Park Jin Hee, Uhm Ji Won, Wang Bit Na, Kim Bum, Lee Bil Mo, and Choi Chul Ho (박진희, 엄지원, 왕빛나, 김범, 이필모, 최철호) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Women Who Still Want to Get Married (아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 1/20, following the final episode of “Hero”.

This drama portrays the love stories of three women in their mid thirties. The PD is Kim Min Shik (김민식) whose latest drama was “Queen of Wives”. The script writer is Kim Yin Young (김인영) who wrote for “Mary and Daegu’s Offense and Defense (메리대구 공방전)”.

Park Jin Hee plays the role Lee Shin Young (이신영) who is a tough and energetic reporter but has always felt confused while dealing with her lovers. Uhm Ji Won plays the role Jung Da Jung (정다정) who is beautiful, intelligent, and works as a real-time translator, but various stories about her being drunk have been spread around. Wang Bit Na plays the role Kim Boo Gi (김부기) who is a famous consultant for restaurants pertaining to well-beings and parties plannings.

Lee Bil Mo plays the role Yoon Sang Woo (윤상우) who is an airplane co-pilot. Sang Woo and Shin Young were lovers. Then they meet again and go through confusing love relationships one more time.

Kim Bum plays the role Ha Min Jae (하민재) who is a student of a famous university majoring in Business Administration and is talented in composing music. Min Jae bumps into Shin Young at campus.  Choi Chul Ho plays the role Na Ban Suk (나반석) working in a hospital. Although he is romantic and pure, he is terrible at dating women.


Uhm Ji Won