MBC Music Core 01.16.2010

2010-01-17 02:45:47 2010-11-24 11:51:00

Today on MBC Music Core, group T-ara moves on
from their previous hit “Bo Peep Bo Peep” to start promoting the
title song from their 1st album “Like The First Time.”

Watch all performances here

Good-bye stage
2PM with ‘Tired of Waiting + Heartbeat’
Hot Debut
C.N. Blue with ‘Alone’

Hot stage
HyunA (feat. BEAST JunHyung) with ‘Change’
After School with ‘Because of you’
SHINee with ‘JoJo’

New Song
T-ara with ‘Like the Beginning’
SeeYa, Davichi, T-are with ‘Wonder Women’
Rainbow with ‘Not your girl’

F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’
BEAST with ‘Mystery’

the sweetest sound
Shoo with ‘Other than Me’
IU with ‘Marshmallow’
MC Sniper with ‘Magic Castle’

Love Love Love

Lucy with ‘1 years 365 days’
AB Avenue with ‘Love for Two’
KCM with ‘One Day’
Yoon Seo Jin with ‘Let’s Love’

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