Girls’ Generation Comeback On The 28th!

2010-01-21 00:53:07 2010-11-24 11:51:52

Girls’ Generation comeback has been announced with the release of their second album “Oh” on January 28. The title track, also named “Oh” is said to be an electric pop song written by Kenzie.

Girls’ Generation’s schedule will begin on the 30th MBC Show! Music Core. MBC Show! Music Core is hosted by SNSD members Tiffany and Yuri, they are in charge of the program.

SNSD released their second mini album “Tell Me Your Wish” over seven months ago.

SNSD’s had their own solo concert last year. In addition to winning the end of the year awards and also appearances in festivals, they will open this year with a bang.

After finishing the broadcasting activities of “Tell Me Your Wish” in mid August of last year, a long wait for a new SNSD album of has caused a lot of hype.