Epik High’s new album "Epilogue" confirmed for March 9th

2010-02-24 04:02:45 2010-11-24 12:00:17

Korean hip-hop group Epik High will release their next follow-up album, entitled “Epilogue” on March 9th. Unlike previous releases, this album will contain special unreleased tracks from the group before DJ Tukutz departed for the Korean military in mid October 2009. Last year, the group released a double-disc album “[e]” and three official singles: ‘Wannabe,’ ‘Trot,’ and ‘High Technology.’

The two remaining members, Tablo and Mithra Jin, have previously stated that Epik High will be on a hiatus until Tukutz’s return in 2011. Their solo albums will be the next projects expected from the group in the upcoming year.

It is still currently unclear if the group will promote the album on any of
the music shows, and if there will be a lead single to be announced.

Despite being on hiatus, Epik High (without DJ Tukutz) recently had the honor of being featured and interviewed on CNN’s Talk Asia. Their segment is scheduled to air on April 21st. They will be the first Korean hip-hop group to ever appear on the talk show.