Jaebum Posts A Video On Youtube

2010-03-16 18:50:00 2010-11-24 12:05:41

After months of silence, a new video was posted on Youtube on March 15th by Park Jaebum, the former leader of boy band 2PM. The video, which was posted on his own channel, jayparkaom, appears to be a homemade product.  It consists of Jaebum performing a cover of the song, “Nothing On You”. Fans rapidly promoted the video to one of the most-viewed videos of the day and made #jayparkaom a trending topic on Twitter. Watch the video here.

Jaebum also updated his Youtube profile with a brief statement regarding 2PM:

2pm 욕은안했으면좋겠어요 애들착하고 좋은애들이예요 오해안하셨으면좋겠습니다. ^ ㅠ ^ 2pm fighting! i dont want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they’re still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i’m sayin? =)

The video was originally posted on the AOM (Art of Movement) Facebook page.  The AOM Crew is a b-boy crew based in Seattle.  Jaebum is listed as a member.  Here’s hoping for a great comeback!