2PM To Release Mini-Album This Month

2010-04-05 22:05:12 2010-11-24 12:15:41

Despite the comebacks of many groups and solo performers during the next two months, 2PM has also been preparing for their comeback with a mini-album at the end of this month.

A JYP representative revealed today that the group has already chosen their next title song and are currently working on the choreography, music video and stage performance.

They had released their first full-length album “1:59 PM” in November of last year with the title track “Heartbeat”.  Both the album and the song quickly reached #1 on many music charts after its release.

With their mini-album release being at the end of April, they will have about a month to promote their new song in Korea before going on tour with the Wonder Girls and 2AM in America during June.

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