T-ara Releases 2 New Music Videos For "Bubi Bubi" Endorsement

2010-04-16 01:30:14 2010-11-24 12:17:54

Girlgroup T-ara and talent Yoon Si Yoon were known to have been chosen as models for Bubi Bubi phone recently.

The two music videos for their endorsement “Bubi Bubi”and “Fall
In Sleep When He Wakes Up” have been released. The MVs stars the T-ara
members and Yoon SiYoon himself.

(click to watch)

(click to watch)

After becoming popular for his appearance in “High Kick Through
The Roof” Yoon Si Yoon was chosen along with T-ara to promote KT Tech’s Bubi Bubi phone (model:

According to officials, Yoon Si Yoon and T-ara were chosen as models because they wanted to target a younger demographic.

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