Narsha To Release Solo Album In May

2010-04-27 21:23:16 2010-11-24 12:21:29

A representative from the Brown Eyed Girls’ agency NegaNetworks said today that “Narsha is currently working on her solo album. With that, we are
looking at the album release in May, in the form of a minialbum.”

Narsha will be the first member from Brown Eyed Girls to release a solo album. May will be a difficult month to promote in, with the recent comebacks of  Rain, Hyori and 2PM, and the upcoming comebacks of Super Junior and f(x).

The Brown Eyed Girls will also be going to the US to perform a concert in San Francisco on May 22. There is a chance that Narsha’s mini album will released after that event so she can consistently promote her album on the various music shows.