2PM Talks About Upcoming Tour with Wonder Girls

2010-05-04 05:02:05 2010-11-24 12:23:00

Catch up with 2PM as they talk about their upcoming June 11
tour stop in LA with Wonder Girls!  Check out their video shout-out here!

For all their dedicated LA
fans, 2PM wishes to share the following news:

In addition to the “Nobody But LA” contest and prizes, all
ticket holders in LA will also get a raffle ticket at the June 11th show
for a private meet and greet with both the Wonder Girls and 2PM!

To buy tickets and for more information on other contests go to http://wondergirls.theblendedgroup.com.
for latest contest and Wonder Girls and 2PM news!
Wonder Girls
Official Site: http://www.wondergirlsworld.com
Official Site: http://2pm.jype.com