SM Vows To Make Better Working Environment

2010-07-06 18:01:17 2014-05-06 04:59:03

Today, entertainment company SM Entertainment (SM), home to top entertainers such as DBSK, Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD and BoA met up with National Assemblyman Cho Moonhwan to establish a better working environment for artists in the Korean entertainment industry. This event was attended by SM president Kim Youngmin, SNSD and Kangta.

SM held a proclamation ceremony at Cho Moonhwan’s office, announcing that SM and Cho’s team will work together to protect the rights of artists and set up a mutually beneficial contract system across the industry.

Cho has been researching the conventional contract system between companies and their artists since the annual government audit session held last October. He had requested the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Korean entertainment companies to make sure artists’ contracts didn’t include any inappropriate content such as invasion of privacy.

Cho stated, “After putting in a lot of attention and hard work, the contract system in the entertainment industry is slowly seeing changes and moving towards a better environment. I hope that this proclamation ceremony will be an opportunity for more entertainers to recover their rights and create an environment where agencies and artists can trust each other.”