MBC Music Core 08.07.10 Performances

2010-08-07 22:13:20 2010-11-24 13:03:24

Performers List: BoA, Hwanhee, Se7en, SHINee, Bobby Kim, MBLAQ, DJ DOC, G.NA (Feat. Mario), Homme, Son Dam Bi, Hong Jin Young, Koyote, Infinite, Orange Caramel, D-NA.


On this week’s Music Core, we have SHINee’s Onew and f(x)’s Krystal as special guest MCs!  BoA and Hwanhee make their second round of comeback performances. MBLAQ says goodbye with a prince-like performance on a special stage.  Bobby Kim also shows off his soulful vocals on the summer stage.  Koyote, Infinite, and D-NA perform their newest songs and Orange Caramel ends promotions for “Magic Girl.” Check it all out below!


BoA – Dangerous, Hurricane Venus



Hwanhee – While Doing



MBLAQ – One Better Day



Bobby Kim – Loner



Koyote – Jump Jump Jump



Infinite – She’s Back



D-NA – No One… Anyone



SHINee – Lucifer



Se7en – Better Together



DJ DOC – I’m That Guy



G.NA (Feat. Mario) – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better



Son Dam Bi – Queen



Homme – I Was Able to Eat Well



Hong Jin Young – My Love



Orange Caramel – Magic Girl




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