SHINee Video Shout-Out to Soompi Fans [with English]

2010-11-03 02:54:52 2010-11-23 12:29:27

The handsome and charming boys from SHINee recently took a moment from their hectic schedules to say thanks to their international fans.  Two quick things from when we caught up with them:

– Key speaks excellent English! I mean, he speaks really really well!

– We told youngest member Taemin he had a lot of “noona” fans on Soompi and he blushed while the other members all had a good laugh!

And here is the video…..



Stay tuned to over the next few days to find out what else the SHINee boys had to say…. 😉


P.S. Key loves Soompi!!! And WE LOVE HIM! <3 <3 <3


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