"Actress Butler" Stills Revealed

2010-11-04 08:18:55 2010-11-23 12:29:33

With the new variety show “Actress Butler” set to air on Thursday November 4th, MBC revamped the show’s homepage. MBC also shared many new stills in anticipation for the debut of the show which is about a cast of male celebrities becoming butlers for a group of females.

Below is just a small sample of the goodies! The rest can be found here.

Hyun Young

Choi Eun Kyung

Lee Chung Ah

Son Dam Bi

Min Hyo Rin


Ha Suk Jin

No Hong Chul

No Min Woo


The rest of the stills can be found here. “Actress Butler” preview can be found here.

cr: MBC Actress Butler