F.cuz Reveals 30-Second Teaser For "Midnight Sun"

2010-11-11 21:45:10 2010-11-23 12:30:54

F.cuz recently revealed a short audio teaser of the title track to their upcoming album.  The song, “Midnight Sun”, was uploaded to the official fan website on November 10.  The clip features the strong vocals of member LeeU, with an orchestral accompaniment. 


Listen to the teaser here:



“Midnight Sun” will be the title track of the group’s second mini-album, “Gorgeous”.  It is a song about the conflicting feelings of love and hate felt by a man who is deeply in love.


The new album will go on sale November 18.  Next week, look out for the teaser of the music video of “Midnight Sun”!



Cr: asiae.co.kr, F.cuz Official Website