Kangta Completes Torch Relay for the 16th 2010 Asian Games

2010-11-12 20:49:45 2010-11-23 12:31:08

Kangta has completed his portion of the torch relay for the 16th 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou yesterday.  He received the torch on Thursday at the front gate of Guangzhou University and ran about 100 meters before passing it on.  Kangta was the 95th runner out of a whopping 2,010 torch runners (we see what they did there); he was also the only foreigner invited to have this honor.  Other torch runners included Chinese celebrities such as singer/actor Alan Tam, singer/actress Charlene Choi, and pianist Lang Lang.



SM Entertainment issued a press release to state that thousands of locals gathered to cheer on the torch bearers, the number only getting larger as Kangta’s portion of the torch relay neared.


“I was delighted and deeply honored by this opportunity to run as a torchbearer of the Guangzhou Asian Games. I thank all my fans in Asia for rooting me and I wish all goes well with the event till the end,” said Kangta immediately after the torch relay.


Afterward, Kangta performed at a torch relay ritual in which many celebrities participated, including Zhang Ziyi.  He sang the official theme song to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, “Hand in Hand”.


Kangta has enjoyed great success throughout China by appearing in Chinese dramas such as “Magic Touch of Fate”.  He recently released his first Chinese album.  Kangta’s portrait will appear in a commemorative stamp series titled “I Am a Torch Runner”.  


Source: asiae.co.kr