MC Mong Hints at Enlistment

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On November 11, MC Mong had his first public hearing regarding the enlistment evasion charges being held against him. After the hearing, he said, “A singer cannot stand on stage without the love from the people. The fact that the situation has come this far is a crime. Regardless of the outcome, I will do what the public wants me to do. I have some validity, too, so please believe me. Please wait for the trial to finish. I will take my punishment more seriously than anybody else. I will wait for your, the public’s, answer.”

Even though MC Mong didn’t use the word “enlistment”, it’s safe to assume that’s what he meant when he said “what the public wants me to do”. In a society where enlistment is a very sensitive subject, many people believe that the “only way” MC Mong could receive forgiveness is to enlist. Singer Kim Jang Hoon has already revealed before on his Cyworld minihompy that MC Mong is thinking about enlisting voluntarily. However, MC Mong has made it clear that even if he does enlist, he doesn’t want to be branded as a “service evader”.  As such, he will be putting all his energy into clearing his name of the evasion charges.

For his first hearing, MC Mong appeared in black suit looking a bit thinner than before. He denied the prosecution’s statements saying, “I couldn’t take the pain, so I followed the doctor’s orders and took out the teeth as a treatment procedure. At that time, my teeth were in a very bad state. Consequently, I was granted an exemption because of the teeth extractions but if I had known that there was anything illegal about it, I wouldn’t have done it. There is absolutely no truth to the claim that I used brokers to get an exemption. Even so, my moral character has already been damaged.”

MC Mong’s second hearing take place on November 29 at 2 PM.


1st hearing


1st hearing


1st hearing


Source: Donga News via Naver / pictures from naver search