SNSD Called to Testify in DBSK Case

2010-11-15 02:28:08 2010-11-23 12:31:27

UPDATE: 11:30 am KST. SM Entertainment has denied that SNSD will be testifying saying such reports are incorrect. However, another SM entertainment rep has been quoted as saying “We have not received any request, and if a request is received, it has not been determined what our response will be.” FTC has issued a statement saying it is up to SM Entertainment whether or not SNSD will be testifying.


SNSD members have had a packed schedule lately traveling between Korea and Japan while promoting their latest single “Hoot!”. Now they have another item to add to their schedules – an appearance before the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC).


The Korean FTC has been investigating the “slave contracts” that have been the center of much controversy between S.M. Entertainment and the popular boy band, DBSK.  As part of this investigation, the FTC called SNSD to testify at the end of this month, but their agency, S.M. Entertainment, requested their testimony be delayed to December in order to adequately prepare documents and other items.


Given their huge popularity in Japan and Korea and their currently packed schedules, SNSD’s situation is considered to be a fair comparison to DBSK. Therefore, the testimony of the girls is expected to be highly influential on the case. It is still uncertain whether all the members of the group or only a few will be required to testify.


Soompi Note: We have noticed some news reports are saying that SNSD is testifying “against” DBSK.  Our reading of the situation is that they have been called to testify by the FTC because their experiences would be very similar to that of DBSK’s. (Similar contracts, similar schedules, etc.) It is therefore, not a choice of the members of SNSD whether to go testify or not. They just have to do it.  We would hope that they will be able to testify openly and honestly, without pressure from either S.M. Entertainment or DBSK fans or other celebrities.


Source: edaily