"Secret Garden" Press Conference Features House and Actors

2010-12-08 20:03:13 2014-05-06 04:42:10

A press conference for “Secret Garden” was held on December 8 in Yeonju, Gyeonggi-do, in a setting familiar to all “Secret Garden” fans: the opulent modern home belonging (in the drama, at least) to department store owner Kim Joo Won (played by Hyun Bin) and his nemesis/cousin, Hallyu star Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun).

In real life, the house actually belongs to the cosmetic and health food brand Maiim.  The whole area (which in the drama is said to belong to Kim Joo Won) is called the Maiim Vision Village.  It is an environmentally-friendly park where the indoors and outdoors are balanced harmoniously.  Hallyu fans may also recognize the house as being Bae Yong Joon’s vacation home in “Winter Sonata”.

The three stars, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, and Yoon Sang Hyun, also appeared at the press conference, posing in the outdoors for photos.

Because this post is so photo-heavy, we’re posting a select few and dividing the contents into two  galleries for those who want to see more: the “Secret Garden” stars, and the “Secret Garden” home.  Enjoy!