KBS Bans MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Min, and Crown J

2010-12-13 19:54:13 2010-12-13 11:54:13

KBS has banned four entertainers from appearing on the channel.  MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Min, and Crown J are all under controversy for immoral or illegal behavior.

KBS held a council meeting on December 8 to discuss the restriction of the entertainers’ appearances on TV.  They made the decision to ban all four of them.  They announced the ban on December 10. 

The entertainers have come under fire from the public for various reasons.  MC Mong is currently undergoing trial for evading his mandatory two-year military service.  Shin Jung Hwan has been charged with illegal gambling overseas, although he has since fled the country.  Kim Sung Min and Crown J have both been charged for drug use. 

A member of the KBS council said it was possible that the ban could be lifted sometime in the future.  “We decided to ban all those entertainers because they could ruin the reliability of broadcasting. If someone is acquitted or has enough time for self-restraint and self-reflection, we can lift the ban,” he stated.

With these four names, KBS has now banned a total of 22 entertainers from appearing on the channel.

Source: KBS.co.kr