"My Princess" Releases Trailer and Stills!

2010-12-15 23:52:44 2010-12-15 15:52:44

MBC has finally revealed the trailer for their upcoming drama, “My Princess”, starring Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.

More about the rest of the cast: second lead Ryu Soo Young (Lawyers of Korea) will play the role of Nam Jung Woo, a professor at the University which Kim attends and has feelings for the latter, although a one-sided one.  The last character involved in this love charade will be played by Park Ye Jin, a cold-hearted career woman who also happens to be a former girlfriend of Ryu’s character. She will fight for Song’s character to no end. 

 My Princess” will premiere on January 5 following “Home Sweet Home” on MBC.

Meanwhile, check out the stills and trailer below!

Stills from the drama!

Credit: Nate and Dramabeans