G-Dragon and TOP Hold Showcase to Discuss New Album

2010-12-16 05:35:28 2014-05-11 01:04:38

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP held a showcase to discuss their upcoming album.  The showcase was held in a talk-show format, ideal for allowing G-Dragon and TOP to discuss the album’s background and allowing fans to preview each song on the album.  The showcase was held at the Times Square shopping complex in Seoul on December 14.

During the showcase, G-Dragon explained how the combination of him and TOP came about.  “We thought of a variety of combinations [of members] while working on Big Bang’s album. And we felt that we should show something new and different to us since we hadn’t been with our fans for two years. So we tried putting together different combinations, such as me with TOP, just the vocalists excluding us two, me and Seungri, Daesung and TOP… but TOP and I saw the most results together.  Our fans also liked what we worked on, so that’s how we came to release an album like this.”

TOP added, “We’re two very different people, so when put together, we probably created a new type of music. We’re excited about the upcoming performances and fashion we’ll get to stage — we’re preparing a lot of things.”

Despite being two different people, the two artists both share an important similarity, which G-Dragon noted.  “I think our songs will be closer to hip-hop than when we’re Big Bang.  We’re both rappers, so we’d like to tell more stories for our fans to listen.”

“This album contains many genres.  R&B-like rap, acoustic rap, there are strong hip-hop numbers and electronic sounds as well.  The reason we mixed such a variety of genres is because we wanted to bring out more of our character that we don’t get to show when we’re Big Bang. We thought hard about how TOP and I could create synergy,” G-Dragon concluded.

He mentioned that he and TOP worked together harmoniously.  “There weren’t any difficulties because we’re like family. Rather, it’s the other three members who pressure us a lot. They tell us, ‘You have to do well. That’s the only way we’ll all do well.'”

“GD & TOP” will be released on December 24.