SM Entertainment to Appeal Hangeng’s Contract Termination

2010-12-21 09:27:05 2014-05-11 00:58:43

Super Junior’s Hangeng has finally received a verdict, a year after he filed a petition to invalidate his contract with SM Entertainment.  The Seoul Central District Court ruled that all three contracts the singer had signed with SM, including the exclusive contract in January 2003, the revised contract in February 2007, and supplementary contract in December 2007, are no longer valid.  In other words, Hangeng is now free to pursue his individual activities as he wishes. 

However, SM will continue their fight to bring Hangeng back on board.  “It is a decision we cannot accept.  We will immediately file an appeal,” said an SM representative to Asia Economic Daily.

Hangeng is the sole Chinese member of the thirteen-member powerhouse boy band.  Since he filed his petition last year, he has been absent from group activities, instead performing solo in his native China.

He originally filed the petition because he felt the thirteen-year contract was overly strict and unfair, including working without time off to the point of illness, being fined if he missed any events, and having unfair profit distribution.