Psy and Kim Jang Hoon Perform in Concert in Seoul

2010-12-23 23:08:26 2014-05-11 00:56:26

Psy and Kim Jang Hoon really know how to put on a show!  The hip-hop artist and the rock ballad singer, who are currently touring together for the “Kim Jang Hoon and Psy One Touch Concert Tour 2010”, performed at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on December 23.  For one portion, Kim Jang Hoon impersonated the Orange Caramel girls, wearing a fairy-tale inspired outfit, replete with a big red vinyl bow on his head.  Not to be outdone, Psy channeled his alter ego, “Psyonce”, pairing a sexy and revealing one-piece leotard with tight knee-high socks and gloves.  Just like Beyonce, Psy danced his heart out.  For another portion of the concert, Kim dressed up in pirate gear and appeared on a realistic-looking pirate ship. 

Apparently, the “One Touch” concert topped ticket sales for every single concert in Korea this year.  Looking at these pictures, we’re not surprised — it must have been quite a spectacle!