JYJ Stages "Guerrilla Visit" in Seoul

2010-12-30 10:13:22 2014-05-11 00:42:29

We imagine JYJ causes a commotion wherever they go, so we’re not surprised to hear that their surprise “guerrilla visit” in Myung-dong had to be canceled when they learned that the district was completely overtaken by eager fans waiting for their idols to appear.  The boys moved instead to Hongdae, but were still besieged by fans.  Well, props to the fans for figuring it out so quickly!

The boys were prepared for the winter weather in black coats and stylish scarves.  Yoochun and Junsu lit up the street with their cute smiles, while Jaejoong looked… cold.  Well, we can’t blame him.  Korea in winter can be tough!