Kim Jae Won Discharged from Military

2011-01-24 21:14:21 2014-05-06 04:52:51

Drama fans. rejoice!  Kim Jae Won has been discharged from the military following completion of the two-year mandatory service required by all South Korean men.  Since March 2009, the actor served at the Defense Media Agency of the National Defense Ministry in the Yongsan district of Seoul. 

Upon his release, Kim, who is now 29, was greeted enthusiastically by a crowd of 200 fans and reporters.  He told them, “I am feeling really good right now.  It has been a hard time but since I am a civilian now I want to engage myself in my acting career and work hard.”

He assured his fans that he was eager to return to acting since he had watched dramas during his service.  “I haven’t decided on my next project.  Whether it’s a movie or a series, I think we will be working on it from mid-year onward.”

Kim will visit Japan from February 19 to 20 to hold some fan meetings in Osaka.

Welcome back, Kim Jae Won!