Hyun Bin Heads Off To The Marines!

2011-03-07 06:39:01 2014-05-02 00:21:08

Just about a few hours ago, at 1:30 PM Korean Time, Actor Hyun Bin joined and preceded to the marines training camp located at Segyeri. The actor was surrounded by 700 supporters including fans and reporters, who came to send their love and farewell to the actor.

However before going inside, the star gave out a tearful message to his fans,

Hello, this is Hyun Bin. A lot of people have come today. I, too, left Seoul this morning at 7:00 AM. On my way over, people told me that a lot of you came despite the cold weather. Thank you all so much…..Ever since last year, I’ve received a vast amount of love and support that I can’t handle on my own. I truly do not know how to pay it all back. I’ll make sure to spend my two years wisely to repay all of the love I’m receiving now two years later. I heard fans from not only Korea, but Japan and Hong Kong came as well. Time is, of course, precious and I’m thankful that they chose to spend that time on supporting my enlistment. I will make sure to come out of the army as a better man.”

 After that message, Hyun Bin bowed down to his fans revealing his haircut for the marines along with a tearful face. As the actor stood there, however fans all across the area held up their banners with encouraging and supporting messages for the actor.

Hyun Bin will receive basic training for seven weeks before starting his 21 months of service. It has been established that his date of discharge will be set for December 6th, 2012. 

We all wish him a safe and fleeting journey as he embarks for the marines. Good luck, Hyun Bin, and we all hope to see you back soon!