Park Han Byul, Jessica, Lee Jung Shin, and Cha Seung Won Walk the Runway

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It’s Seoul Fashion Week right now and that means beautiful clothes being worn by beautiful people!  The majority of fashion shows are naturally dominated by willowy, high-cheekboned models, but a few designers have added some equally gorgeous entertainers to the mix to spice things up.  Specifically, menswear brand Songzio nabbed actor Cha Seung Won and CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin to walk down the runway, while the trendy line Resurrection by Juyoung employed SNSD’s Jessica.  VanHart Homme, a men’s brand, convinced Park Han Byul to return to her modeling days as the show’s only female model.  And we just updated the article to include the extremely handsome Lee Soo Hyuk, who also walked for Songzio.  Which celebrity do you think made the best runway model?  Let’s check out the candidates:

Cha Seung Won for Songzio

SNSD’s Jessica for Resurrection by Juyoung

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin for Songzio

Park Han Byul for VanHart Homme

Update: Lee Soo Hyuk for Songzio

Our personal vote?  CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin!  With his long, lean frame and those balanced facial features, we think he could have a real go at modeling if he wanted to.  But all of these celebrities looked great, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference!

Source: Newsen