Big Bang at a Video Arcade?!

2011-04-08 11:00:43 2011-04-08 04:00:44

Ever wonder where/how Big Bang members spend their downtime? They might actually be very near you at a local arcade! In these amusing photos posted by G-Dragon Thursday on his Me2Day account, Big Bang members are seen playing video games at what looks like a local video arcade. In one photo, two guys, whose backs look like Seungri and Dae Sung (I may be wrong), are shooting hoops with another guy (looks like TOP) standing on top of a stool to get an easier shot at the rim. On the other photo, a guy in a black hoodie who looks like Tae Yang (again, my guess) is seen playing what looks like the latest version of Tekken. G-Dragon titled these photos, “Today we are…” implying the boys frequent these places on a regular basis.

These photos caught netizens by surprise, as many responded, “Oh, so this how Big Bang spends their downtime??” or “I wish I could play video games with them!” Big Bang released a new special edition album, with dual title tracks “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar” on Friday, so who knows, the boys might have needed some breathing room before the start of their new album promotions…