MC Mong: Cleared of Avoiding Military Service

2011-04-11 09:52:06 2014-05-06 00:58:58

MC Mong has been cleared for accusations of violating military service laws, and he is receiving cheers from netizens on one side of the spectrum while still receiving suspicion on the other. The issue surrounding MC Mong and his military duties was the fact that he had pulled out four of his “normal” teeth from August 2004 to December 2006. Regardless of the intent, he was able to receive a lower level (Level 5) and not have to go through with his military service.

However, MC Mong was found guilty for interference with a with a public official in the execution of his duties. Therefore, he has received the sentence of imprisonment for six months, probation for one year, and one hundred and twenty hours of community service.

Korean celebrities and their military service is always a tricky issue, the number one example would be Yoo Seung Jun who is still not allowed to perform as a singer in Korea even though nine years has passed since his violation of military service laws.

<Source: Star News>