JYJ Yoochun Releases First Network TV Commercial

2011-04-20 06:06:47 2014-05-08 21:52:44

JYJ Yoochun has released the full version of his first network TV commercial today. Yoochun stars as a trainee teacher at a girl’s high school in this TV ad for “TiO,” a Korean ice tea brand for Dongsuh Foods Corp. The 30-second ad shows Yoochun accidentally bumping into one of his students on the hallway. The student spills the ice tea she was holding onto and freezes the moment she makes eye contact with the JYJ member, as Yoochun continues to ask, “Are you okay?” while flashing his adorable trademark smile (download the ad here).

Fans yearning for his return (and JYJ as a group) to network TV have expressed their excitement after viewing this commercial, as they said, “I wish our school had a teacher like that!” and “I totally understand that student’s feelings!” JYJ as a group has not been seen much on network TV lately after their fall out form TVXQ and SM Entertainment over contractual issues last year. Yoochun, however, has starred in KBS drama “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal” last year, and currently is filming a new MBC drama, “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”