SNSD Taeyeon Kidnapping – Hero Oh Jung Tae’s Perspective

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Netizens have been calling comedian Oh Jung Tae a hero for his actions when Taeyeon was being dragged off stage by a fan. He has been called “Soshi Guard (SNSD Guard)” and a “National Hero.” On April 19th through a phone call interview on Kyunki Broadcast Radio “Park Jun Hyung’s Happytime” he talked about the incident.

Oh Jung Tae joked, “I don’t know what to do about all the attention I am getting. I’m not the hero the SNSD fan is,” “I think Taeyeon was probably more shocked after seeing my face.”

During the “Taeyeon kidnapping incident” as it is being dubbed, Oh Jung Tae and other security members worked to stop the SNSD fan that climbed up on stage.

The news media in Korea have said that “Oh Jung Tae controlled the situation and stopped the SNSD fan.” Oh Jung Tae said, “I didn’t really control the situation at all,” “the security guards are the one who controlled the situation and stopped the fan,” “all I did was try and remove his hands from Taeyeon.” Finally he said, “I believe that the way this fan expressed his love for SNSD was different, and hope that he will continue to love SNSD in a better way.”

Oh Jung Tae debuted on the play “Taxi Taxi,” and is well known from SBS’s “People looking for laughter,” and MBC’s “Gag Ya.”

<Source: My Daily>