Super Junior’s Shindong “After School You Make Me Go Crazy!!”

2011-05-04 03:21:24 2014-05-07 22:21:47

Through twitter, Super Junior’s Shindong has expressed his admiration for After School’s tap dance performance.

He said, “Ah~ I was so surprised when they were hitting the drums. But now tap dancing? They are truly Korea’s best performance group.” “I’m going crazy because of After School.

He also added, “A true dance group needs a performance! Dance, be everlasting! Thank you After School. What are you going to do next time? I am anticipating…

He was describing the tap dance performance for “Let’s Step Up.” The drums he is referring to is After School’s performance for “Bang!” Shindong is currently a regular guest on “Strong Heart” where he and fellow Super Junior members Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk continue to bring laughter to the show through variations of their “Teuk Academy.”