The Truth About Jo In Sung’s Mysterious Ring

2011-05-04 10:22:32 2014-05-07 01:39:11

Today, as we reported, Jo In Sung gave a few words about his feelings of being released from military service. But when Jo In Sung held the mic to address the media, there was a ring on his left hand that caught many people’s attention. Usually in Korea, if you have a ring on your left hand it signifies you’re dating someone (they call it a ‘couple ring’). However, according to Jo In Sung’s agency Sidus HQ, Star News reports, “It is a ring commemorating his release. Jo In Sung’s unit has a tradition of giving a special ring to commemorate your discharge.”

Jo In Sung also talked about his fellow camp mates and even called out their real names individually while talking about how much love he felt for them. “I had a long vacation recently so I don’t have someone in particular that I miss right now. But I know I’m going to miss my friends in the same unit,” he said in front of some 500 press members and fans.