Jo In Sung: “Don’t have a Girlfriend Now”

2011-05-09 04:34:36 2011-05-08 21:34:37

Jo In Sung, who just recently got discharged from the military, appeared on KBS “Challenge! Golden Bell” and confessed he’s currently not dating anyone. Making a surprise appearance on Sunday’s show held at the Air Force Aviation Science High School, Jo In Sung was asked if he is seeing anyone now. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a girlfriend now,” the former Air Force Officer responded in front of a group of female students who eagerly waited for his reply.

He was also asked about his experience at the Air Force to which he responded, “The Air Force was a great place to serve and I’m very proud of myself.” He added the reason for his enlistment into the Air Force was because he always had great respect for the flying corps, and that his experience was even better than he expected. Jo In Sung spent the last 29 months in the Korean Air Force completing his mandatory military service on May 4th.