G.NA Goes Clubbing With Far East Movement

2011-05-12 19:49:37 2014-05-06 01:06:51

K-pop’s Barbie, G.NA, is traveling all over the world since the explosive popularity of her “Black N White” single and album earlier this year. After a winning streak on weekly music shows, the strongtress is finding some well deserved Gina Time in the solidarity of her “Cube”. “Cube” Family that is!  Where did the fam take her last? California….and Beijing!

Follow her recent tweet by tweet updates below:

“Hope to see u guys tonight!♥ MTV and CALVIN KLEIN’s PUSH party with FAR EAST MOVEMENT, NEW PANTS and G.NA @ CLUB TANGO in BEIJING! ♥Tonight was definately a night of a life time..♥Thank u to all the loving supporters, fans and staff for EVERYTHING!…..Thanks to CUBE, UNIVERSAL, MTV, and CALVIN KLEIN♥ Far East Movement..thanku for sucha hot show!!=] LOVE U BEIJING…Some pics of the crowd ♥ Ahh good night” 

“THANKYOU BEIJING for all the love and support!♥ Hope to see u all soon again!! 1050 departure! Love u!!”

You can find the latest update in her future schedule here