Marines Deny Report From "8 News" Regarding Hyunbin

2011-05-12 04:41:59 2011-05-11 21:41:59

On SBS’s “8 News” they had announced that Hyunbin’s training photos would be sold in a photo album. Also, they reported that Hyunbin signed an agreement to be providing his photos for free and that the Korean Marines would be receiving some of the profits in exchange for allowing the publishing company to publish the “book.” Currently the Korean Marines denied this announcement saying, “SBS has not announced the truth, and we consider it unfortunate for their defamation.”

On the Korean Marines official website they have denied the different points of the report by SBS “8 News.”

First, the “book” that will be released is not a “photo album” of Hyunbin, it is in fact a book created in order to show the strength of the Korean Marines after the Yeon Pyung Do incident. There are different characters within the book.

Second, “Kim Tae Pyung” (Hyunbin’s real name) did sign an agreement for his photos to be taken and being added into the “book,” however he never signed an agreement that he would be doing all of this for free.

Third, the Korean Marines denied the report that they would be receiving the profits from this “book,” in exchange for allowing the publishing company to publish the “book.” will continue to report on the ensuing news related to this controversy.